Project by Tyler Luke for Northeastern University College of Arts, Media, and Design. 
Animated, filmed, edited, narrated, and orchestrated by Tyler Luke. Fall 2020.
Human interaction with the natural environment runs deep in our existence. We use natural elements for: A place of being A place of commemorating A place of escape from the density of urban life A place of congregation The natural environment has been in a relationship with the human psyche for the entirety of documented time. We have manipulated various wood types into means of documentation, decoration, and activity, amongst others. The presence of wooded intervention resonates with humans on a sensual level. The acoustic properties. The thermal properties. The vestibular properties. And the olfactory properties. All resonate deeply with the human spirit. White cedar is native to the northeast region. The aromatic properties are divine. The texture is subtle. The thermal insulation is soothing in all climates. In a world riddled with anxiety against an invisible force, The natural elements begin to offer solace. Solace in a time of uncertainty. Mindfulness in a time of fear. Accessibility in a time of crippling doubt. The natural allure is the gateway to the future.
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