made in collaboration with DUAL
SLICE is a project that I worked on while interning with DUAL in Providence, Rhode Island. Throughout the Northeast, United States (in particular New England), the presence of factory buildings from the Industrial Age is widespread. Most of the buildings are either underused or completely abandoned. The main inspiration behind SLICE is the Arnold Building in Providence which is a 3-story building with a 13-foot footprint. The Arnold Building helped refine the concept behind SLICE by pondering the possibilities to adaptively reuse these buildings by only occupying the first 10-15 feet of the facade. The result would be the ability to insert an entire utility wall 10-15 feet back from the facade that will cater to the entire cross-section of the occupation. Additionally, the benefits of occupying a facade vertically would be a more lively street presence, as well as the abundance of natural light into the space which would not be as present in the adaptive reuse of buildings that only occupy the entirety of the first few floors. SLICE has a very efficient modular element ingrained in its DNA that allows it to be applied to underused or abandoned buildings across not only the Northeast but the entire nation. SLICE has been chosen for a James Marston Fitch Charitable Foundation Fellowship. SLICE was also supported by the RISD Professional Development Fund.
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