Made in collaboration with DUAL
“Parking Day” is a yearly celebration that encourages designers and artists to create an installation that fits within an urban parking space. The ideology of creating an intervention within a parking space is to aid in proving to the city that the space allocated for parking a vehicle can, in turn, be re-purposed to create a node that promotes pedestrian interaction. While interning for DUAL in Providence, Rhode Island, we designed a parking day installation to be displayed along a main roadway in downtown Providence. The design intention was to stay true to the essence of “parking day” by creating a unique experience that breaks up the monotony of the otherwise vehicular-dominated street through the heart of the city.
The use of lightweight materials such as balloons, PVC piping, softwood, and parachute cord serves as a transparent and playful opportunity for the space which serves as a starch contrast to the otherwise densely constructed vehicle that would be present in the space on any typical day.
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